janka esterhazy - restauratorin - historische möbel & holzobjekte - hasnerstraße 64 - 1160 vienna - austria

Almost any damage to a historical object can be seen to, with one single exception: carelessly done restoration work.

Methods of work

Generally my first priority is a conservational approach, i.e. preventing complete dilapidation and loss of material by sustaining the item and its care.
I particularly put an emphasis on preserving the patina: the staining of the wood, the wear and tear which apart from its form and design turns each object into a personal unique antique/piece of art history.
In the course of careful restoration work missing furniture parts and pieces of veneer are added using traditional materials (screws, old pieces of veneer, glues, polish a. s. o.)  Antiques with a defective operational function are put back to their old working order, former restoration/ conservation damage is seen to as well as damage caused by attempts of trendy modernization.

Range of expertise

Construction repairs and replacements
Completion of veneer and veneering itself

Marquetry and intarsia
“Boulle” intarsia
Turnery and carving

Historical wooden surfaces (like shellac, wax-mixes, resins)
Polishing, wax finishes
Polychrom frames, gilding
Regeneration of historical surfaces

Lining with marbled paper
Felt or leather coverings
Repairing and completing locks and fittings

Painting, retouching

Professional advice and documentation
Historical research
Examination of material
Detailed plan of the preservation process
Contracts for service and maintenance

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